Friday, August 18, 2006

Some Girls Are Just Born Jobbers

Brandy Grant, the girl on the top of the action here, is certainly pretty enough and she has a nice set of natural hooters. But there's something missing in this shot that is completely devoid of tension. Brandy fails to even appropriately pin her opponent and appears to be looking to someone in the room for direction as to how to proceed. Her opponent seems to be waiting for the action to continue.
But now that Brandy is in trouble, the action picks up. Let's not concern ourselves with how her opponent managed to wrap her right leg around Brandy's neck like that. What's important is that Brandy's right boob is under attack and we see that she is beginning to realize that she's in alot of trouble.
And it gets even better as Brandy turns to show us her ass and we see that her opponent has got a nice grip on her boob. Much like Casper, Brandy really shines as a Jobber.

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