Thursday, August 17, 2006

Selling the Crotch Shot, Part 2

In my first posting on this topic, I pointed out the key role that the lady getting pummelled between the legs plays in convincing the viewer that her pussy is on fire. The above photo supports this position, with Casper bending over and howling in pain from the force of Kristin's calf against her loins.

But upon reconsidering that position, I thought that it placed too a great an emphasis on the lady taking the punishment and didn't give the woman issuing the attack her due.
Note how Kristin is standing back, admiring the results of her handiwork. Her posture is supremely confident and that devious smile lets us know who is a natural dominatrix. Of course, Casper does a fantastic job of selling the shot, crouching over so that her boobs are almost spilling out of her bra as left hand protects her crotch.
Kristin continues to stand back, allowing Casper a moment to recover. And what a wonderful moment it is. With her hips shifted to her right, boobs barely covered by her bra and hands crossed to protect her pussy, Casper is the very picture of a defeated woman putting herself on display for our enjoyment. But what makes this photo truly sublime is Casper's worried sideways glance at her opponent, as if she is waiting for the inevitable continuation of her beating.

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