Monday, January 31, 2011

Foul or Not? Part 2

In an earlier post, I examined whether certain grips issued in the spirited match between Mutiny and Orsi should have been called fouls. Here, I apply my judgment to photos of staged matches produced by Maidens of Mayhem. While the matches are not competitive, they do serve as a valuable study guide for those fortunate enough to referee a ladies' wrestling or catfighting match.
In the above photo, Alektra has a firm grip of Max Mikita's hair with one hand and Max's left nipple with her other hand. Obviously, in a regular wrestling match, this combination would qualify for two fouls, and probably a disqualification. But in an Apartment Wrestling match, the ladies do assume certain risks, hairpulling and tit twisting among them. So the ruling is No Foul, and a special commendation to Alektra for such a nice combination that causes Max no small amount of distress.
Max gets her own back, landing a nice closed fist shot to Alektra's belly. The first question is whether the closed fist is a foul in and of itself. I acknowledge that there is room for disagreement here, but I would allow it so long as it was an isolated event. However, even if punching is allowed, Max shouldn't be allowed to hold Alektra's hair to prevent her from turning away. As I can't tell whehter Max has a hairpull, I have to say that the ruling is Inconclusive.

Another close call, as Max is certainly controlling Alextra's head with the face claw as she pummels Alextra's body. I don't think the face claw is as controlling as a hairpull, so I would rule No Foul, but warn Max that a Foul call would be in the offing should she repeat this combination.
No question as to the ruling here. Max chops the back of Akira Lane's neck as she grabs Akira's hair. A most definite Foul, and the ref would be in his rights to disqualify Max for the shot. This is truly a dangerous blow as Akira's neck is held in position by way of the hairpull.

Thursday, January 13, 2011

A Lovely Entrance Outfit

I've recieved word from one of my scouts in Jakarta that the ladies have gotten a bit more daring and creative with respect to their entrance outfits for topless apartment and club matches. Here, a buxom lass shows off a spectacular one piece that she wears for her introduction, and then removes to wrestle in her lime green g-string underneath.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Announcing the Result, Part 1

A particular subset of the winner/loser at the end of the match that has taken my interest is the shot of a referee or wrestler raising the hand of the winner while the loser has to stand there with her hand down. In this first shot, we have Bianca -- in her first appearance for -- raising the unbelievably gorgeous Marilies' hand to signal her win over Nicole. What is perhaps most amazing about this shot is that Bianca -- who hasn't yet wrestled -- has the biggest smile. If anything, her smile may be a bit too forced as she is unfamiliar with the dictates of this shot. Marilies has the benefit of the remnants of her top still on her, which accentuates her full and natural breasts. In addition, her thong is a bit askew, suggesting the struggle as the two bodies pressed against each other in the tussle. Marilies looks forward confidently, with a bit of a self-confident smile. Nicole looks at Marilies, as if to acknowledge that she has been beaten by the better woman that afternoon.

Bianca can barely restraining herself after her first win, and her joy is obvious. With her left hand raised high, she also pumps her right fist in the air. Merilies is only too happy to raise the rookie's hand, but what makes this photo is Nicole's reaction. Sucking in her lip, she looks at Bianca with the obvious expression of "how the heck did she beat me?" A wonderful photograph, and as always, please click on the photos to see them at full size.

Friday, March 13, 2009

ACC (Asian Catfight Circuit) Confidential Covers

Two recent covers of this important hypothetical magazine for your enjoyment. Make sure to click on the photo to see it full size.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Napoli Video at Its Best

I used to look down on the obvious fakery of Napoli Video's product. But as I've aged and mellowed, I can now appreciate how they've managed to condense, in this little nugget of a preview, some of the most salient elements of a great match between two busty women.

Friday, February 13, 2009

Foul or Not??

Orsi defends herself from Mutiny's attempted breast smother in this oil catfight with a double breast push. I would say "no foul," although Orsi has managed to capture Mutiny's left nipple between her fingers. Perhaps the ref might give a warning if Orsi brought her fingers together to trap the nipple.

Orsi's simple push against Mutiny's right breast is obviously giving Mutiny some trouble. And to Orsi's credit, she's maintaining her right-handed push against Mutiny's nipple without a direct nipple tweet. So, the ruling from the judges? No foul.
Payback's a bitch, the big-breasted Orsi quickly discovers once Mutiny is on top. Mutiny is nothing if not a solid wrestler, and note how she has secured Orsi with her legs. Particularly impressive is how Mutiny uses her left leg to immobilize Orsi's left arm. So Mutiny is in a commanding position, and isn't using a basic breast push. Instead, she's got a good grip on Orsi's tit right around her large pink nipple. If Orsi hadn't started out with kind of attack, it might be an easy foul to call on Mutiny. But since what goes around comes around (and it's always nice to watch a woman with big tits get worked over), the ruling is that the ref should give Mutiny a warning and a 10 count before she has to stop.
Whoa!!! I guess I called that one wrong. Now Mutiny is working Orsi over as the ref is really letting them go at it. For the record, this would be a clear foul because Orsi is unable to defend her breasts and Mutiny is in a dominating position. At minimum, Mutiny should be instructed to remove her grips. However, the ref has the discretion not to take away any points because Mutiny is working the breasts, as opposed to the nipples.
But once Orsi escapes, she has her own comuppance planned, and goes for a wedgie. Definitely no foul for just gripping the bikini bottom.
Orsi is a skilled wrestler/catfighter as well, and note how she has trapped Mutiny's right leg with a scissor and uses both hands to yank Mutiny's bikini bottoms up her ass crack. At this piont, the ref has the discretion to issue a warning to Orsi, but given how the match has been called so far, there is no chance that Orsi will get called for a foul.
Now that Orsi's really punishing Mutiny's ass, we should see the ref issue a warning and start a "10 count."

Mutiny calls out for the ref to call a foul once Orsi pulls Mutiny's right ass cheek in to get more pressure on her ass crack. A definite foul, as such a combination move is expressly prohibited.
The ref calls the foul, but doesn't order Orsi to release the hold. Definitely a very lenient ref. So Orsi drives fabric right up into Mutiny.
Once Orsi has yanked the fabric as far as she can pull it, she continues to punish Mutiny's ass while trapping her head and leg. The ref is obligated to begin a "10 count" as the rule book requires when a catfighter is subjected to high wedgie and can't defend herself.
Orsi's a real pro and gives it hard to Mutiny for the full count. Note Orsi's singular focus on maintaining a tight grip and pull on Mutiny's bikini bottoms.
Please feel free to offer your opinions as to whether the rules are appropriate and whether the ref discharged her duties.

Friday, February 06, 2009

"Dirty" Catfighting Tactics Poll Results

The poll was as follows: Which are your favorite "dirty" catfighting tactics? Vote for no more than three.

And the results:

Breast Slap/Grip -- 85 votes

Pussy Attack -- 65 votes

Double Nipple Pull -- 58 votes

Hairpulling -- 45 votes

Pube Pull -- 20 votes

Wedgie -- 12 votes

Ass/Body Slap -- 5 votes

It doesn't take a sophisticated double regresssion analysis to see that we like our dirty catfighting attacks to be nasty, with direct attacks to the breasts and pussy. Never mind your wimply wedgies or ass slaps, give us the direct attacks to our favorite targets!!!