Sunday, November 04, 2007

Stephanie of Team Puma versus Natasha of Team Adidas

Although the ladies wrestle as members of a team, rivalries between ladies on different teams were bound to develop. And perhaps the most heated rivalry is between Stephanie of Team Puma and Natasha of Team Adidas. Each wrestler is easy on eyes, while Stephanie has a more typical wrestler's physique and Natasha a more willowy figure. Given that each inspires a great deal of fan loyalty, it was probably inevitable that the best looking ladies on each team would have intense and sprited matches.
In one of their earlier matches, Stephanie punished Natasha with a bow and arrow hold, punctuated with a foot to the lower back. Natasha's fans certainly didn't like to see their beauty get treated like this, but must have secretly been thanking Stephanie for allowing them to see Natasha's fine form in this particularly high-cut yellow one piece.
Since the league is sponsored by shoe companies, particular leniency is given when it comes to applying holds that involve a wrestler placing her feet on her opponent.
Although the story has never been confirmed, it is commonly believed that the ladies are encouraged (through the provision of special bonuses) to try for submissions by holds that showcase their, or their opponent's, wrestling shoes. In this case, Natasha's pained expression might not only be due to the pressure on her legs from Stephanie's leg lock, but also from the realization that her rival was going to earn a bonus off of her.

Although Stephanie is a bit stronger than Natasha, the Team Adidas wrestler more than compensates with her aggression and apparently natural desire to punish her opponent. There can be no question but that Natasha knows exactly what she is doing as she steps on Stephanie's left inner thigh and pulls her right leg in the other direction.
Natasha not only has the ability to set up painful leg holds, but also the patience and determination to see them through. Note the wear on the bottom of Stephanie's wrestling shoe.
Natasha working over Stephanie's left quad. Recall that Natasha had stepped on Stephanie's left leg earlier in the match. This kind of attention to detail and strategy have led many of Natasha's fans to argue that her fine looks sometimes overshadow her considerable wrestling skill.
For obvious reasons, this final humiliation move reportedly earned Natasha the highest "special bonus" ever awarded by Team Adidas. It is hard to imagine that Adidas could have come up with a better image to showcase their product's superiority over that of Puma's.


Anonymous said...

Goodness the first thing that jumps out to me on that first photo is those piercring eyes on Stepanhie. She has wreslted a leck yet and she's already my favorite in this one! With her hands on her hips, she looks ready to do some damage!

See! Told you so! look at the stretcher hold in the second one... but also look (as you mentioned) at Natasha's gorgrous little tan line and the fringes of a tatoo! Why would you want to hide that behind a one piece?

Always good to see a gilr who enjoys her work! Stephanie is showing the start of a smile that makes me think she has this one wrapped up. The look of pain on her opponent's face and the beads of swet soaking through her tights tell me she may not be long in this match.

Lots of leg and lots of tan! Natasha looks like she is going to throw in the towel.

As to a sponsors, you think the American Dairymen Associtaion might want to sponsor a nice girl who liked to end the match with a breast smother?

Next Match... next post...

Anonymous said...

Way to set the tone early! Throw her in a groin stretch and make her scream like a baby! She'll be feeling the effects of that particular hold for the rest of the match and the rest of the week! The look on Natasha's face as she stretches her is incredible!

Second Photo: Looks like someone knows exactly what they are doing! Not sure where she's going with this but it looks painfull if she can keep Stephanie's legs knotted up like that.

Ahhh....back to the simplicity of a single leg crab, and as you said, keep working on that already sore groin and quad. I love the blue briefs climbing higher and high as the match progresses. Looks like this one may be evening up to a score of 1 to 1?

You're right on that count... Tied 1 to 1, and there's no question who won this fall. I see a poster in that picture, like Jordan dunking on some unfortunate soul. Note that Natasha, evenm in victory, is sitting on Natasha's groin, spreading those legs in what I am sure is a pretty unfortable fashion. Even in victory, Stepahnie is thinking towards the future!

Great STUFF!


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