Monday, November 12, 2007

Big Girls Can Wrestle Too

Although most of the purveyors of catfighting and wrestling material gravitate (for obvious commercial reasons) towards putting forth young ladies who conform to traditional standards of phsyical beauty, we should always remember that any woman who is willing to face off against other lady is always worthy of our admiration. In this case, it's great to see that London (on the right) is proud to show off her fine form before she takes on the more svelte Mercedes. (With these names, do you think these gals could be erotic dancers? I had initially thought that they are aid workers taking a break from their work in Sudan, but I'm having second thoughts.)
Mercedes, no dope, does the smart thing and goes for London's belly. After all, she's got to figure that the plus sized catfighter might not have the strongest stomach muscles.
But London isn't so easily taken, and yanks Mercedes' head down with a solid hairpull. London is plenty strong, easily holding herself up off of the carpet with one hand.
London looks like she is in trouble here, as Mercedes has "inside position" on her breast attack -- meaning that Mercedes' arms are to the inside of London's. If Mercedes had any kind of technique at all, she would just angle her elbows out in order to make it really hard for London to get a grip on her nipples.
But London is just too much for the lighter catfighter, who gets kudos for pulling aside London's panties to give us a nice unbroken view of her hips.
London is justly proud of her victory, and has no reason to be at all demure about her fine form.


Anonymous said...

You can learn technique over time, and you can improve speed with workouts, and get angry and mean in the ring, but one thing you can't teach is "big". The NBA teaches always take a good big man over a good little man, and this series seems to bear that out.

Mercedes seems to have the early upper hand, but as time goes on, things start to run toward the heavier stronger London. In desperation Mercedes goes for the melons, using a double rack squeeze to try and stem the tide, but London comes right back and the two girls squeeze eachother's breasts to a draw... which does little to slow London down.

Pulling her bikini down doesn't help, and in fact only points out how desparate Mercedes has become. Humiliating... yes... Painful... no...

Looks like all that tug of the tights did was piss London off... talk about a candidate for administering a good breats smother! Mercedes better watch out or she'll end up posterized.

Got milk?


Rob said...

Bout Time Studios has some nice photo features. I love the last one here, with the loser out and the big winner beaming with pride.
There's an old Eric Stanton cartoon fight with two big women that reminds me of London. Good stuff.

Natural Wedgie Man said...

I can't believe nobody voted for wedgies. IMO there's not enough catfight vids online where girls give each other wedgies.

Anonymous said...

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