Wednesday, October 31, 2007

The Disadvantage of Wearing a One Piece Suit

Inspired by a thoughtful and loyal reader (hint: comments are always appreciated), I've been thinking about how a wrestler's particular outfit might change the outcome of a match. In these photos, we see that the shoulder straps can be pulled down to trap a wrestler's arms. With her arms so constrained, she is unable to defend against her opponent's attack. So much the better that, in each case, the opponent issues a nipple or breast attack.


Anonymous said...

As you mentioned in a previous post, it's alwasy good to see someone who enjoys her work, and our friend in red looks like she has been waiting for twin handful for quite a while. I can only assume by the look of abject horror on the other "victim" (if you can call her that) that the girl in blue is equally good at her job and is enjoying showing her skills immensely.

As to the one piece, you also mentioned before that a nice one piece allows for a good high cut on the hips. This also allows for easier entry though "the side door", or the small sliver of clothing protecting the valley on a high cut suit. Nothing like two girls face to face, one with hern hand exploring the other's valley!


Anonymous said...

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