Thursday, October 18, 2007

Anatomy of a Body Scissors

At first, Gaia tries to fend off Megan's attempt at a body scissors with her left arm. The photographer does a great job of getting down to mat level with the ladies, giving us a great view of the wrestlers' expressions.
Megan manages to secure the body scissors, and Gaia desperately tries to keep her from putting on the pressure.
The pressure was obviously too much for Gaia, and these photos perfectly capture her pained expression.

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Anonymous said...

one thing I'd like to see, especially of this is a true catfight, is the girl behind to latch on to those milkers instead of that somewhat useless chinlock. While I guess the chinlock serves the purpose of keeping her close in, reaching underneath her armpits or over the top, as she is in the picture, and applying a double nipple pinch would send the girl in the scissors home a lot sooner, especially with those half dollars Gaia is sporting.