Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Tag Team, Part 2

Tonya looks on smiling as Lee gets the better of Coni. Where you have presumably evenly matched tag teams, with one big girl (Lee and Coni) and a smaller girl (Tonya and Isis), a critical factor is who's big girl is better. Because unless the opposing team's small girl is really a class above the rest, the team with the better big girl has a decided advantage. An additional bonus of this photo is we are treated to a fine view of Coni's magnificent ass. Isis looks none too pleased as Lee continues to dominate Coni. Isis certainly seems to know how important it is for her partner to at least hold her own.
But as it turns out, Isis is no great shakes on the mat, either. Tonya demonstrates some real skill against her heavier opponent. Judging by Isis' facial expression, it seems that a submission is inevitable.
Isis doesn't really seem to have any answer to Tonya's speed and agression.
Correction. She does have an answer -- hair pulling -- although it's probably not permitted in a straight wrestling match.

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