Tuesday, June 19, 2007

African-American Tag Team

I just noticed that, purely as a matter of coincidence, my last two posts (before this series of three posts) featured African-American ladies getting the short end of things. So to make up for it, here's a nice match featuring two African-American tag teams from Womens World Video. Beginning on the left, we have Tonya at 5'4", 115 pounds and Lee at 5'8", 124 pounds against Isis at 5'4", 129 pounds and Coni at 5'7", 119 pounds. In this group shot, I particularly like the way that Isis is glancing over her shoulder at her opponents while everyone else looks at the camera.
At least in terms of chest size, Isis and Coni have the advantage. Although I'm not sure how that going to help them against the particularly tough looking Lee. I don't know if it was by design, but you'll note that the ladies on each team have similar skin tone, with Tonya and Lee being darker than their opponents.

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