Thursday, November 06, 2008

A Spectacular Trailer

This trailer, for "The Lightweights Ordeal" by the sadly defunct Video Sports Limited, stands the test of time. The women are attractive, shapely and wrestle skillfully in minuscule g-strings. The trailer includes not only solid snippets of action, but also some behind the scenes footage of the ladies in the gym and smiling for the camera, as well as great before and after shots in the ring. An added bonus -- and a big one in my book -- is that the room was kept hot so the wrestlers develop a nice sheen of sweat as the matches continue.

From a technical perspective, I can't say enough good things about the way the matches were filmed. I'm a big fan of having ladies wrestle in a ring, even if they're not doing pro-style, because it allows the camera to shoot at "mat level" and also to look up at the ladies. To me, this is critical because simply looking down at the women on a mat is somewhat tiresome. Another smart element is that the background is all black, which allows the viewer to concentrate on the action and not wonder where all the empty chairs came from (as compared to some Japanese pro-style videos). Plus, having a female narrator -- GENIUS!!!


Anonymous said...

All of the CW trailers were great when Trisha was narrating them. Her sexy voice describing the action was often enough to have me fumbling for my credit card in about 15 seconds, LOL.

In case you new guys don't know more about this 'Lightweight Ordel' , it's one of the best ever made. The last match between Nadege and Amy is one of the hardest fought and sexy girl matches ever. And besides that one, you get three other great ones too.

One other thing about VSL, they knew how to film a match right , something MOST producers still don't know how to do , even after years and years doing it.

All serious girl wrestling fans miss VSL ... they were the best.


Anonymous said...

I also had this vid years ago. What a lineup - Nadege, Amy, Hurricane Havana. I always love watching pro wrestlers on the mat in competitive action.