Monday, February 04, 2008

Ingrid, Ingrid, Ingrid!!!

Meet Ingrid, one of the best catfighters on the European scene for the past decade. I'm completely smitted with her, and have written before about this wonderful photo from Ingrid's early days as she strikes a classic victory pose.
How could anyone resist such a champion, posing over her defeated foe with that lovely little half smile? Her foot planted firmly on her opponent's belly, Ingrid proudly raises her arm after emerging as the victrix of this hard fought nude woman versus woman battle. That she's not a natural blonde and her full breasts have a natural doop -- and this match took place when she was 19 years old -- only adds to her allure.
Ingrid took a few years off from the catfighting and wrestling scene, returning in her late twenties. She had obviously put on a few pounds but still had that competitive fire (not to mention the very obvious dye job). Her younger colleagues watch a true catfighter show how to humiliate an opponent with a schoolgirl pin. Ingrid's breasts certainly aren't as firm as they once were, but her opponent's anguished expression certainly show that she hadn't forgotten how to use her ass against her opponent's breasts.
Ingrid subsequently moved on to work for, and serves as their photographer as well.
And then, all of sudden, a totally new Ingrid appears. Firmer, fitter and (hard not to notice) very firm and uplifted breasts.
And we can see that Ingrid has had some help from the surgeon. If you click on the picture, you can really see the scars on the undersides of her breasts that then lead up to her nipples. I'm willing to bet she's also had some work done on her tummy and perhaps a bit of lipo on her neck and chin. If you look at her nose, it looks like the surgeon made some "improvements" there as well.
A big match was against Marlies, a wrestler/catfighter in Ingrid's mold. Younger, to be sure, with a nice, full figure and not a natural blonde. Was Ingrid ready to pass on the torch, or could she hold her own against a larger and younger opponent?
Ingrid is one the best at hairpulling, and Marlies finds out that being on top isn't necessarily an advantage against such an experienced catfighter.
Armed with years' of catfighting experience, Ingrid presses her bare foot against Marlies' face.
Grapevining her opponent's legs, Ingrid tries to wear her out.
And when Marlies proves too resilient, Ingrid resorts to the one of the best catfighting moves around -- the double breast squeeze.
But too can play at that game, and Marlies presses down hard on Ingrid's left breast. It looks like Ingrid is trying for a slap against Marlies' big right nipple.
Ingrid looks to be in trouble as that simple breast press is really getting to her.
But our darling is never out of it, and shows Marlies how to issue a catfightin bow and arrow -- pulling up on the hair instead of the arm.
Showing no mercy, Ingrid tortures her younger opponent with a double nipple pull.
But Marlies is made of out sterner stuff and somehow avoids getting submitted.
Finally Marlies wears Ingrid out, and gets the submission when Ingrid is just too tired to continue. No doubt that Ingrid still had the will to go on, but her fitness just can't be at the level of a woman eight years younger than her.
A tender moment as the torch is passed.


Don said...

Lovely post on a beautiful subject. Haven't heard of her since DWW so the update was very welcome. Thanks!

Catfight Report said...

Indeed, she was a good one at DWW. I did enjoy watching her get facesit into oblivion in matches with Dobra and Pettula however. :)

Anonymous said...

Lola from NYC wants to challange Ingrid to a catfight. Anyone with her contact please help set it up by contacting her and asking.

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