Thursday, November 30, 2006

Asian Catfight Circuit Photos

These photos are from my Yahoo! Group, Asian Catfight Circuit (the link is on the right hand column), and feature lovely young Thai ladies wrestling in a Bangkok hotel room. For those of you who are familiar with that group, you know that I can't show the ladies' faces in the interest of keeping their wrestling lives somewhat of a secret. So while I concede that this limitation really detracts from the potential power of the photos, I still think that there is enough for us to consider and enjoy.

In the above photo, we see Nam pulling on Peung's right hand, trying to throw the younger and slimmer lady off balance. I love the contrast between Peung's hand coming directly at the viewer and Nam's full panties being a bit wrinkled and not fitting tightly. The other contrasting elements in this photo are Nam's upright and solid form against Peung's twisted and slighter body.

One aspect of the Bangkok Hotel Room matches that surprised me was that the veteran ladies didn't wear g-strings for their topless matches -- only the ladies newer to the scene wore them. Over the course of watching a few matches, I began to understand that the veterans had a very good sense of how to make the most money from their efforts. If their sponsors wanted to see them in a g-string, or in a nude match, they would have to provide the appropriate incentive -- a bonus payment, of course. The new girls, like Peung, just wanted to get in as many matches as they could in order to earn the "match fee" and start to build their own little stable of sponsors. So they would always wear tiny g-strings and would get set up in matches against much more experienced girls whose sponsors wanted their favorites to have a few easy matches each session.

In terms of the above two photos, I just like to look at Peung's ass. Sometimes that's all a picture has to feature to make it a good lady wrestling photo.

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