Monday, October 30, 2006

Down Home Wrestling

Here are some fantasic photos of ladies wrestling for fun (and perhaps profit) in the late 70s or early 80s. While these photos have none of the digitized splendor of the current crop of professional efforts, they capture all of the grace and tension that epitomizes apartment wrestling. In the above photo, we see the slender blonde lady executing a perfect cross-body pin on her opponent. Both ladies wear the most delightful semi-transparent panties, resting just below their hips.
In the next two photos we are treated to two well built ladies going at it on a makeshift wrestling mat. I just love the look of determination of the lady on the short end of the action, as well as the full ass on the lady going for the pin.

Is this photo one of the classics of amateur wrestling? I think so -- from the cross-body pin executed by a lady not wearing panties to the sheer teddy worn by her opponent, our enjoyment of this photo is only enhanced by the half-seen figure of the guy watching the action from the couch. If nothing else, it helps us imagine what it would be like watch such tussling first hand.

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