Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Sweaty Japanese Ring Wrestling

One problem with many of the fine photos of ring wrestling from Battle Japan (www.catfight.co.jp) is that the photos suffer from the obvious artificially inherent to any scripted match. This set overcomes that hurdle by introducing a few simple and easily reproducable elements. The first is that the girls are sweaty. Brilliant!! From where I sit, almost any wrestling photo would be improved by starting the photoshoot after letting the ladies enjoy a sauna for a few minutes.
And how about trying a real wrestling move, like this leg split? Brilliant!! (Well, I was referring to the choice of the g-string, but that's another story).
And finally, it wouldn't be Japanese lady ring wrestling without the obligatory "swimsuit is tantalizingly almost too small" crotch shot. Click on the photo to see what I mean.

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